Episode 13: Rainbow Families ft. Darren Paul-Vance


According to the Family Equality Council, approximately, 2-3.7 million children are being raised by a LGBTQ parent, a combination of couples and single parents.   According to the Williams Institute at UCLA, 21.4% of couples raising adopted children are same sex couples, compared to 3.0% of cis-male/female couples and about 3.0% of same sex couples are fostering compared to 0.4% of cis-heterosexual couples. Interestingly enough, there are higher rates of same sex couples raising children in more conservative areas of the country such as the South, the Mountain West and Midwestern states. More people who identify as women are raising children more than those that identify as men and more racial, ethnic minorities are raising children. Darren Vance is the CEO of Rainbow Families, a non-profit, volunteer organization whose mission is to support and connect  LGBTQI and nonbinary parents and prospective parents by providing educational programs, advocacy, social events, and discussion forums. 


Show Notes

Meet Darren Paul-Vance

Darren Paul-Vance joined Rainbow Families as Executive Director in the summer of 2018. He, his husband John, and their teen-age son have been members for several years and have always felt great passion for the Rainbow Families mission and values. Darren previously served as a Board Member and Development Director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles.  He was Speakers Bureau Director for Love Is Feeding Everyone, and worked extensively with Project Angel Food – both in Los Angeles. Particularly in today’s political climate with threats to the LGBTQ+ community, Darren is keenly committed to this organization and the value it offers our members through advocacy, education, support, and togetherness. Perhaps now more than ever.

Pronouns:  He/Him/His


Thank You to our friends at Rainbow Families