Episode 15: Cripping Up Sex ft. Eva Sweeney


Navigating medical care can be a challenge for everyone. Today, we chat with the founder of Cripping Up Sex Eva Sweeney. Eva Sweeney has cerebral palsy which sometimes requires some creativity when it comes to medical care. Cerebral palsy presents during early childhood and typically involves motor movement. Every person with cerebral palsy is different, just like every person in general is different. Eva is the founder of Cripping Up Sex, a platform to educate individuals on sex, sexuality, and disabilities. As a youngster, Eva realized medical providers and professionals were unable to provide proper sexual health and education to people with cerebral palsy or other disabilities. So, she created Cripping Up Sex! Thanks for joining us for our special video interview!

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Eva is the founder of Cripping Up Sex. She has been in the sexual education field for over 15 years. In her late teens, she was looking for information about how to incorporate her disability into her sex life. She also identifies as queer, so that’s a whole other layer. After calling many disability organizations without any luck, she decided to write a handbook. It talks about how to find queer-friendly aides, how to talk to your partner about your disability, how to adapt sex toys, and how to masturbate if you need assistance. Through this book, she was able to travel the country giving workshops on sex and disability. Now, she is a consultant, teacher, and public speaker.  Eva is the very definition of advocate.

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THank you Eva Sweeney and cripping up sex!