Episode 19: QUEERFLEX ft. Kyle Fairall, Founder


How do we define wellness? It means whatever it means to YOU. Today, we chat with Kyle Fairell (they/them) founder of QUEERFLEX about how they address LGBTQIA2S+ fitness accessibility in Edmonton, Canada through queer-centred personal and group training, public education, and direct advocacy in the broader community. 


Show Notes

Where is Edmonton, Canada??


How do you convert kilometers to miles?


House Rules at QUEERFLEX


What does Queer, Trans, and Nonbinary Fitness Mean?

Meet Kyle Fairall

Kyle Fairall (they/them) is the excutive directo of QUEERFLEX, Personal Training Specialist, Level I Kickboxing Instructor, 200RYT (Yoga Instructor), Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, and Social Worker. Basically, a badass motherfucker. Kyle identifies as a queer, non-binary, cry-baby femme (their words, not mine). They approach fitness in a way that considers mental, social, physical and spiritual. They believe in Health At Every Size and that honoring the intersections of identity and trauma in LGBTQIA2S+ communities is essential to sustainable wellness. In 2017, Kyle received an award for human rights for creating QUEERFLEX— the first gym dedicated solely to LGBTQ people in Canada.


This Edmonton-based gym for LGBTQ people is the first of its kind in Canada

Edmonton residents honoured for human rights efforts

Canada's 1st LGBTQ-Only Gym Fills An 'Obvious Need' For A Safe Space

This Edmonton-based gym for LGBTQ people is the first of its kind in Canada

Other LGBTQI and Nonbinary Gyms

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The Queer Gym, Oakland, CA

Transform Fitness, Austin, TX

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