Episode 24 : What Is a Doula? ft. Jenna Brown (they/them)


What is the scope of a doula? Are doulas medical practitioners? How can doulas aid in pelvic health and reproductive care? Today we chat with queer doula and radical activist Jenna Brown (they/them). Their mission is to shift the narrative from fear to love by using person-centered care to cultivate self-awareness, connection, and autonomy.


Show Notes


Jenna Brown (they/them) is a trans non-binary person, and sees their queer identity and its related experiences as strengths in their work. They have spent the last few years diving into the study and practice of being a doula. Humbled by each opportunity, Jenna has studied with amazing teachers, and served many people and families through both growth and loss since beginning this heart-led journey. Jenna is the founder of Love Over Fear Wellness and Birth which provides full spectrum support to individuals and families who are transitioning through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. In addition, Jenna has been a guest lecturer in Villanova University’s Nursing Program, contributed to the Dynamo Doula Training program, and facilitated modules of yoga teacher training programs. Jenna created the Love Over Fear Community Fund as a part of their business in order to contribute to meaningful social and political movements. Currently, resources from the fund are being used to help fund the education of black midwives and doulas, distribute “Queer + Pregnant” to those with limited resources, and personally serve full-spectrum doula clients in need at low-to-no cost.

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