Episode 26: Let's Talk About PrEP, Baby ft. Let's PrEP Wisconsin


Pre-exposure prophylaxis, also known as PrEP, is a medical approach to preventing HIV transmission. Truvada (tenofovir TDF and emtricitabine) was FDA approved in 2012 for PrEP and is extremely effective in preventing HIV transmission. So who is a candidate for PrEP? How can someone access PrEP? Does my insurance cover PrEP? Today, we chat with Ruthie Weatherly founder of Let’s PrEP Wisconsin and Alex Corona PrEP Advocate, about their mission to end new HIV infections in the Midwest.


Show Notes

Meet Ruthie Weatherly

Ruthie Weatherly’s (she/her) mission is to increase awareness of and access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention by working with medical professionals to conduct educational sessions in order to increase knowledge of prescribing practices. She currently works as a PrEP consultant, and the founder of Let’s PrEP WI, a social media tool for PrEP advocacy and awareness focused on disseminating messaging around biomedical tools for HIV prevention. Ruthie is a volunteer and board member at BESTD Clinic. She graduated from University of Wisonsin Oshkosh in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services, Health and Wellness Promotion. After graduating, Ruthie’s work in HIV prevention began in the West Indies as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since completing her time with the Peace Corps, Ruthie has worked for a variety of HIV/AIDS centered organizations such as Minnesota AIDS Project, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, and the Milwaukee Health Department. She is also a consultant for the Wisconsin State AIDS/HIV program to complete follow up on high risk HIV negative individuals.

Ruthie has recently been appointed to the City of Milwaukee Health Depts. Board of Health. Congrats, Ruthie!

Meet Alex Corona

Alex Corona (she/her) is a Transgender Latina activist and advocate from Milwaukee, WI. She is the Transgender Resource Coordinator for the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center and connects Trans/Gender Non-Conforming people to important health, social, and financial resources. Alex is a spokesperson for HIV in Real Life which is a statewide HIV prevention/awareness campaign, and is also a PrEP advocate for LetsPrEPWI, an organization that connects people to PrEP all over Wisconsin. She has done advocacy work for HIV prevention and PrEP awareness in Milwaukee and Chicago and is proud to represent and educate everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.Recently, Alex was appointed to the Statewide HIV Action Planning Group (SAPG) in WI to advocate for HIV prevention strategic planning.

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