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Episode 25: Queer Health Policy ft. Carl G Streed Jr, MD MPH FACP

What is queer health policy and why is it important? Today, we chat with Dr. Carl G. Streed Jr, physician and research lead at Boston Medical Center for Transgender Medicine & Surgery. For over a decade, Carl has been dedicated to understanding and eliminating disparities among sexual and gender minorities through education reform, professional development, and systems redesign.

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Episode 4: Research On Aging LGBTQI and Nonbinary People ft. Jason Flatt, PhD, MPH

Aging LGBTQI and nonbinary people are defined as “a population of sexual and gender minorities over the age of 50” according to the NIH. Studies show there are between 1.75-4 million queer aging adults. In this week’s, episode we talk to Dr. Jason Flatt about his research at the University of California, San Francisco on the aging LGBTQI and nonbinary populations. Jason has his hands in many pots but a with a single mission of understanding and improving the lives of aging queer adults.

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